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Magnolia's Guide
to Adventuring

A Documentary Series by
AJ, Jenny, and Magnolia Tesler

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Individuals with Rett syndrome may not lead a "typical" life, but they can lead an incredible one

Follow Magnolia ("Maggie"), a 13-year-old with Rett syndrome, and her family as they head out on adventures across the United States with others living with Rett syndrome.

This Rett awareness series was created by AJ and Jenny Tesler and supported by Acadia Pharmaceuticals Inc.


Episode 1: Downhill Skiing

Episode 1: Downhill Skiing With the Randol Family

9:31 min |5/14/24

Magnolia starts her adventures in New Hampshire, where she learns how the Randol family adapts to the cold so they can downhill ski.

Episode 2: Cross-Country Skiing

Episode 2: Cross-Country Skiing With the DeSantis Family

9:57 min |5/30/24

The adventurous DeSantis family teaches Magnolia how she can adapt her equipment for cross-country skiing.

Episode 3: Ice Skating

Episode 3: Ice Skating With the Bryman Family

10:07 min |6/12/24

Magnolia and the Bryman family conquer ice skating, one of the most challenging activities for the Teslers to adapt so far.

Episode 4: Horseback Riding

Episode 4: Horseback Riding With the West Family

10:41 min |6/25/24

Magnolia and the West family saddle up for an unforgettable horseback riding experience and practice gait-training and staying regulated in a new environment.

Episode 5: ATV Safari

Episode 5: ATV Safari With Catherine and Amber

9:14 min |7/12/24

Magnolia and Catherine cruise the rugged trails of Texas Hill Country for a safari.

Episode 6: Dolphin Swimming
Available 7/23

Episode 6: Dolphin Swimming With the Shukovsky Family

Magnolia and the Shukovsky family practice nonverbal communication through play with their fin-tastic friends.

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About the Filmmakers:
AJ & Jenny Tesler

AJ Tesler is an award-winning television, film, and new media producer and director who has created thousands of hours of content for the likes of Netflix, Comedy Central, Lionsgate, MTV, and Sony.

When he learned his daughter had Rett syndrome, he was compelled to do everything in his power to tell her story and raise awareness for the disease.

That's when he and his wife, Jenny, started making Magnolia's Hope (YouTube Series and Documentary Film) and now, Magnolia’s Guide to Adventuring.

Both AJ and Jenny blog and are active advocates for Rett syndrome.

Magnolia sitting on a horse with her family—her parents, Jenny and AJ, and her brother, Grayden.

The Tesler Family—Jenny, AJ, Grayden, and Magnolia

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