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A collection of unique moments

Just as every person impacted by Rett syndrome is different, so too is their experience—whether they’re living with Rett, caring for a loved one, or advocating on behalf of the greater community.

Inspired by Confetti, the art of Emily Shifflet, each image uploaded has been woven to reveal a beautiful, collective experience with Rett syndrome.

Emily softly smiling at camera.
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Learn more about Emily Shifflet, an eye gaze artist with Rett syndrome.

[Rett] isn’t always an easy journey. It has lots of ups and downs. What helps us is knowing that we are not alone. When I look at the mosaic that Emily created, I suddenly see all her Rett brothers and sisters and those that they love…I’m just blown away and I’m very, very grateful.

Jenny, Emily’s Mom

Minna and her brother looking at each other on a couch.

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